About president:
(P.J.Mahesh)  My grand father Late Prathipati Sudarshanam(Rtd H.M) is
having 11 children, I am the elder male child of 4th son of 11 children
and I was born on 11th July 1988.  My grand father’s commitment to God
is, is I blessed with the 8 male child , I will dedicate the male child
to God (In my Prathipat Clan for the last 5 generations, parents
dedicated the first born male child to God this is the tradition in our
family) since my childhood I accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior
with my grand fathers motivation and inspirational preaching ,  and
when I was studying my grand father used to say, after you completed
your Graduation you must have do the God’s service, but I rejected the
God’s work, because I was very keenly observing my grand father’s
Ministry and I was little involved in the ministry (I saw many pains,
burdens and problems and sufferings in my grand father’s   Ministry.  
“I used to say grand father.  I will not do the full time Ministry like
you”  but I will do my job and as a Church member I will do little

But my father told me, your ministry is not like my ministry “all my
sufferings will turn to you as blessings” but I cannot trust my father’s

this circumstances I have completed my B.Tech., M.Th., and against
God’s will I worked as a web designer with good salary for few years in a
different reputed Software companies in India.

While I was working as a Application developer at Vijayawada Eweblogs
devotional apps developer I did research work on Bible Applications and
songs application and I submitted the research Papers to Ministry of
Science and Technology,  New Delhi, India and I got  the Best Indian
Application Developer Award, after that several Software Developer
opportunities I got from developed countries and I have tried to go to
that countries for better  life and more salary in this circumstances my
father used to remember me my grand fathers dedication for myself to
God to take over the full time Ministry but I refused my grand father’s
commitment for myself to God.

While I was busy with my abroad settlement plans there is no peace in my heart and I was praying and I was unable to move forward and I was mentally disturbed, in these circumstances I met my grand father and I have explained my situation, then my grand father again told me please do the full time, God’s service and leave the Application Developer job then I honored my grand father’s  suggestion and I have started to pray to God for many weeks, then God spoke to me with 3 Biblical verses in the Bible with Mark 16: 15., psalms 122:6, 1 cor 9:16, “Go in all the world and preach the  good news to all creation, then I have resigned my teacher job and I have taken over my grand father’s Ministry.

empty hands I have taken over the leadership of my grand father and I
came back to my Home town Nandigama . While I am praying and visited
the Villages to proclaim the word of God and I got an invitation from
Mumbai Haggai Seminar and I have attended for 2 weeks leadership
training in Mumbai after that I went to U.S.A. and I took the Bible
training in America. and I have completed my Master of theology.


For the prayerful people who stretch their hands steadfastly towards the Lord. Matt 18:19

For the pure and Non controversial Christianity of one accord. John 12:36 Acts 1:14, 2:46, Rom 12:12

For the thousands of village and slum children who do not have Sunday school ministry Matt 21:16,  11:25  Psal 8:2

the Indian multitudes who are in villages and slum areas and worshiping
idols and could not accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. John
3:19:21, Isa 49:6, 7

For the warriors of faith who wait day and night for God’s coming. Isa 40:31, Matt 24:33

Statement of faith

We believe in the trinity of God.

God the father, the son and the Holy spirit those that repent of their
sins confess Jesus Christ as their lord and savior are saved by faith
and born the living body of Christ.