Our Mission

To heal the sick and preach the Gospel in the villages and slum areas.  “so they set out and went from village to village preaching the Gospel and healing people everywhere” Luke 9, 6:11

To preach the Gospel to all creation.  “Go in to all the world and preach the good news to all creation Mark 16:15

To develop an health attitude , towards development of mental, physical and moral uplift of the orphanages in the aid institutions and makes them good citizens of the country.

To lead those who perish  without Christ and his Gospel in to repentance.  “The son of man come to seek  and save what was lost, Mark 1:15, Luke 19:10

Church plantation

To make many in to prayerful people “Be always on the watch and pray” Luke, 21:36

To promote participation of youth (unemployed as well as students) in income generation activities

To construct old age homes

To lead many from darkness in to light and from death in to life.

To give training of tailoring unit , embroidery unit, lace knitting, tape weaving unit, leather unit, dairy farm, painting and dyeing , poultry , such nearing egg tray making plastic button making , card board cones making for thread winding , bee keeping ,paper making, book keeping basket, doll making, brick making, preparation of pickles, unit for the audits poor men and women , irrespective of cast and creed nationality.


  1. Emmanuel Medupin

    I have seen what great work you are doing for the Lord. I want to be part of the work. Can you extend to Africa, Nigeria?

    October 12, 2019 Reply
  2. Emmanuel Medupin

    I want to be part of the great work you doing for Christ. Can you extend your program to Nigeri in Africa?

    October 12, 2019 Reply

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