Plant a tree to save environment.


Wisdom Global Foundation aims to plant 200,000 plants in three years. Preserving the tree is an obligation for everyone without exception, one tree will absorb approximately a ton of carbon dioxide during the course of its life cycle. Tree planting can restore global warming. Bring awareness to children. Protect the planet for our children and grandchildren.


Today Forests have undergone decline and shrinkage. Forests in Andhra Pradesh have been neglected and destroyed by modernization, Industrialization and legislation. Now govt planning to take out uranium in nallamala forest there thousands of trees going to be cut in the forest this is also become biggest problem in present so we need to plant more trees to save people from the radiation and all Also, threatened because of increasing pressure from population and livestock. Krishna and Guntur of Andhra Pradesh, are sufferers of poverty and vulnerability due to critical climatic change today. Without wind and fresh air, the body is more vulnerable to attacks by disease. Mission is “To plant 200,000 plants “


Plant 200,000 trees, 90 awareness campaigns and training to 100 volunteers to guide and plant in undeveloped lands. Besides tree planting, Wisdom Global Foundation(WGF) will create awareness to general public, SHGs and undeveloped land owners. Training of more teachers to educate the future generation.

Long-Term Impact

Planting of trees to give shade and moisture conservation and reduce carbon pollution to restore global warming. Use of CFL lights will reduce production of heat. Recharge underground water will increase water level. Awareness will create responsibility to plant trees and use CFL by general public.

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